The Overwatch 2 Workshop unlocks new game modes created by the fans.


To enter a code, you have to do the following steps:


Go to Custom Games and create a game.


Go to the settings.


Select the option "Import code" from the overview.


Now, enter your preferred workshop code and click okay.


Most popular codes


A9FBX: Aim Strafing Trainer allows you to practice tracking and scale the movement pattern to mimic real player movement


TKBR3: Aerial Aim Trainer Train your projectile aim by shooting bots that fly in the air, in a predictable arc


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TXCXX: 1v1 Arena You fight your way to the top with different heroes in 1v1 battles. Your goal is 50 points and a win in the top tier.


METDP: 1v1 Meta Arena Create your own hero and play the meta you prefer in a 1v1 setting


W468TIsland Party - Heroes Minigames mode Here get a collection of minigames such as races, shooting contests and tagging. You progress through them one by one, with heroes and abilities assigned to you.

on 10/12/22


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