Spotify: How to find and listen to audiobooks for free?

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to find and listen to Audiobooks on Spotify, as they are somewhat hidden in the streaming service.


If you enter audiobooks as a search term in the Spotify search bar, you will get a large number of results. However, these are mostly playlists that only have the word audiobooks in the title. So that's not very helpful. Spotify does not yet offer a separate category for the genre. At the moment you still have to search specifically for a title in order to find a corresponding audio book in the Spotify offer.


Alternatively, you can search for the author whose literary work you would like to hear as an audio book. For example, enter “Stephen King” as a search term. Then you open the profile page of the corresponding author. This gives you a quick overview of all available audio books by the respective author. Theoretically, you can also use the audio books in the free Spotify version. But here you quickly reach the limits of the free account. Most audio books are divided into several chapters. In the app version you can use Spotify for free but only in shuffle mode.


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So you hear the different chapters in a random and not very meaningful order. So if you want to listen to audio books for free on Spotify, you should access the desktop version or the browser version.


Unlike in the app, individual titles of an album or even audio books can be listened to in the correct order from start to finish. If you want to listen to the different stories comfortably on the sofa or before falling asleep, you can simply use a timer to switch off your PC automatically after a certain time.