True North: A-ha's new album songs list

After a long pause, a-ha is back with a new "True North" is the trio's 11th album in 37 years of recording career and, certainly, one of the best ever made by them.


Magne Furuholmen, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (who equally divide the compositions, six for each) and vocalist Morten Harket on more climactic and ambitious songs, which, simultaneously, don’t give up the pop appeal, after all, the talent to create melodies of big impact has always been one of the trio's greatest strengths.


A-ha's True North tracklist


1. I'm In

2. Hunter In The Hills

3. As If

4. Between The Halo and The Horn

5. True North

6. Bumblebee

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7. Forest For The Trees

8. Bluest Of Blue

9. Make Me Understand

10. You Have What It Takes

11. Summer Rain

12. Oh My Word