Answers to Khan Sansok’s questions in Dragonflight

During The Clans of the Plains quest in Wow Dragonflight, Khan Sansok will ask you four questions and in this guide will give you all the correct answers.


In the Maruukai area, you will meet an NPC named Aru who will give you a quest called Clans of the Plains. In order to complete this quest first, you will have to meet Khan Sansok in Maruukai. This character, after starting the discussion, will ask you four questions, here will give you all the questions and answers.


Q1. Which clan upholds our ancestors’ traditions and guides the Maruuk according to their ways?


A. Clan Teerai


Q2. Which clan is made up of centaur from across the plains who have honed a special connection to our god, Ohn’ahra?


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A. Clan Ohn’ir


Q3. Which clan is the newest to rise to power and maintains the largest standing military force?


A. Clan Nokhud


Q4. Which clan specializes in honing their skills and hunting game across the plains?


A. Clan Shikaar