Best graphics settings to run Warhammer 40K Darktide on PC

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Warhammer 40,000: Darktide smoothly on your PC.


First, make sure that you PC meets at least the minimum requirements need to run this game.


In-game settings


Field of View - HFOV 97 / VFOV 65


Resolution - Native


Screen mode - Fullscreen


VSync - Off


Nvidia DLSS - On (Depends on your GPU) 


Super resolution - Automatic


Nvidia reflex low latency - Enabled

Best Graphics Settings, Warhammer, 40000, 40k, Darktide, PC Game

Framerate Cap - Disabled


FidelityFX super resolution 2 - Off


FidelityFX super resolution 1.0 - Off


Sharpen - On


Anti aliasing - Off


Ray tracing - Off


Ray traced Reflection - Off


RTX global illumination - Off


Graphics quality - Medium (depends on your GPU)


Ambient occlusion quality - High


Light quality - Medium


Volumetric fog quality - Medium


Depth of Field - Off


Global illumination - Low


Bloom - On


Skin sub surface scattering - Off


Motion blur - Off


Screen space reflection - Medium


Lens quality - Off


Lens quality color fringe - Off  


Lens quality distortion - Off


Lens flares - Sun light only


Scatter density - 0.5 (depends on your CPU)


Max ragdolls - 20 (depends on your CPU)


Max weapon impact decals - 15 (depends on your GPU)


Max blood decals - 25 (depends on your GPU)


Decal lifetime - 20 (depends on your GPU)  


Blood decals - On (Off for low-end PC)


Gibing - On (Off for low-end PC)


Enemy wounds - On (Off for low-end PC)


Ragdoll interaction - On (Off for low-end PC)