Best Marvel Snap Move Deck, card combination

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best move deck in Marvel Snap


The strength of this deck lies in placing your cards to provide an advantage. To play this deck effectively, think carefully about where you place Heimdall to ensure win in the late game.

Iron Fist - Reveal: Move the next card you play one slot to the left after revealing it


Nightcrawler: You can move it once


Cloak - Reveal: Next turn, both players cannot move a card to this slot


Forge - Reveal: Gives the next card you play +2 Power


Kraven - When a card is moved here, it gains +2 Power

Multiple Man: When moved, adds a copy to its previous location

Best Move Deck, Marvel Snap, Best Card Combination

Doctor Strange - Reveal: Move your card with the highest Power to this slot.


Hulkbuster - Reveal: Merge this with a random card at this location


Vulture: When this card is moved, +5 Power


Miles Morales: If a card was moved in the previous turn, it only costs 1


Vision: Can be moved every turn


Heimdall - Reveal: Move your other cards one space to the left