Best Nvidia filters settings for Warzone 2 WZ2

In this short guide, we’ll give you the best settings for Nvidia filters in Warzone 2 WZ2.   


Now, to access Nvidia filters you have to follow the steps given below:


Go to GeForce Experience

Enable In-Game Overlay in Software Settings

Launch Warzone and open Overlay with Alt+Z (default)

Find the options tab


As soon as you have followed these steps, you will now be able to modify the following settings:


Best, Nvidia Filters Settings, Warzone 2, WZ2



Sharpen: 33%

Clarity: 57%

HDR Toning: 25%

Bloom: 0%




Color tint: 0%

Tint intensity: 0%

Temperature: 0

Vibrancy: 56.8

Brightness / Contrast


Exposure: 0%

Contrast: 9%

Highlights: 0%

Shadows: -40%

Range: 0%