Best Settings to run Warzone 2 DMZ on low or high end PC

In this short guide, we’ll show you best in-game settings to run Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II smoothly on low or high end PC.




Display mode - Fullscreen Exclusive

Display monitor - Make sure to select the proper one for your monitor    

Display adaptor - Depends on the adapter you have

Screen refresh rate - Again, depends on your monitor 

Display resolution - Native

Dynamic resolution - Off 

Aspect ratio - Automatic

V-Sync (gameplay) - Off

V-Sync (Menus) - Off

Custom frame rate limit - Custom

Gameplay custom frame rate limit - 165 (if you have Free-Sync or G-Sync monitor you have to keep this in the range)

Focus mode - Off

High dynamic range (HDR) - Off


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Render resolution - 100 (if you have low-end PC go with 90)

Upscaling / Sharpening - Off

Anti-aliasing - SMAAT2X

Anti-aliasing quality - Low  

Video memory scale - 85

Texture resolution - High

Texture filter anisotropic - High (depends on the amount of Vram you have)

Nearby level of detail - Low

Distant level of detail - Low  

Clutter draw distance - Short

Particle quality - Low

Particle quality level - Very low

Bullet impacts & Sprays - On   

Shader quality - High (depends on your GPU)   

Tessellation - Near

Terrain memory - Max

On-demand texture streaming - On

Streaming quality - Normal

Volumetric quality - Low

Deferred physics quality - Off

Water caustics - Off


Shadow & Lighting


Shadow map resolution - Very low

Screen space shadows - Off

Spot shadow quality - Low

Spot cache - Medium (depends on the amount of Vram)

Particle lighting - Low

Ambient occlusion - Off

Screen space reflections - Off  

Static reflection quality - Low

Weather grid volumes - Off 


Post Processing Effects


NVIDIA reflex low latency - On

Depth of field - Off

World motion blur - Off

Weapon motion blur - Off

Film Grain - 0.00




Field of view (FOV) - 105 (80+ for low end PCs)