Devil in Me: how to restore power? Solve fuse box puzzle

In The Devil in Me, you will occasionally need to repair fuse boxes and restore the power. You get a device for this, but it is not much help to you. In this, short guide, we'll show you how to find and repair all three fuse boxes and restore power. For this, you’ll unlock the "0451" trophy.


Fuse box 1 (Move The Train Car)


Before you reach the hotel with your friends, Kate will pretend to have hurt her foot. She and Jamie walk around the area in front of the hotel and found an elevator. Here you can find the first electrical box in The Devil in Me and Jamie should fix it. The order in which you have to flip the switches can be seen in the following image:

Devil in Me, How To, Restore Power, Solve, Fuse Box 1, Puzzle Guide

Fuse box 2 (Turn The Power Back On)


After exploring the hotel, the lights suddenly go out and Jamie takes the lead. She walks around the hotel looking for the fuse box to fix it and restore the power.


You can find the fuse box behind a locked door, for which you need a code. If you continue to explore the rooms, you will find the combination keys on a piece of paper - they read 0451. Enter it into the console to the left of the door and access to the second fuse box. The following picture shows you the order in which you have to flip the switches:


Restore Power, Solve, Fuse Box 2, Puzzle

Fuse box 3 (Find A Way Past The Wall)


After you passed the airspace, Jamie is separated from the rest again. The walls of the hotel move and enclose them.


After a short search you will find a room where the third fuse box is hanging on the wall. To restore the power, you must follow the sequence shown below:


Solve, Fuse Box Puzzle, Box Number 3

Once you've repaired the three boxes, you'll unlock the trophy and be one step closer to the platinum trophy.