Evil West: how to find HDu'Met's business cards? Locations

In Evil West, you’ll get 30 achievements and one of them is Man of Many Interests, in order to unlock this you have find five HDu'Met's business cards. In this short guide, we’ll show you their locations.


1 - Cigarettes

In the hotel, you go into Charlie's bedroom with Erin to look for the cigarettes. Since they are not in, you start to explore the hotel.


On your way you will find the first business card. Exit Charlie's room and go right, then take the first left. Erin is already at the next passage that leads to the left. You can find the item behind the dresser.


2 - Blood Trail

After dinner and the scene with Erin in the dark locked room, everyone argues and wants to leave the hotel. Charlie and Jamie go looking for HDu'Met together. In a video sequence, they return to the lobby, where the furniture has been knocked over. The second business card can be found to the left of the stairs


3 - SPA

Mark, Kate and Jamie investigate the Columbus Spa and you take control of Jamie. On the lower level you can squeeze past the wooden barricade and then go up the stairs. Go through the door with the arrows indicating that you will enter a new area.


After Mark and Jamie break down the door, a grate locks the door and they fall through a trapdoor onto the level below. Leave the sauna and don't jump over the cupboard in the right corridor, but run down the corridor to the end. Turn right where you will find the third business card.


4 - Cliffside   

After exploring the area around the swimming pool with Mark, you take control of Charlie again. Of course he must have survived this far. If he didn't survive, you'll examine the area with Mark so you can't miss this calling card. On the way to the lighthouse you will encounter some kind of camp that you need to investigate. There is a tree in front of this camp and under it you will find the fourth business card.


5 - Lighthouse

After Mark arrives at the lighthouse, you enter through a small basement window. Examine the basement and you will find a staircase. Go upstairs and look around the room with the bed. There is a chair close to the window and next to it, on the floor, is the fifth and final business card.


After finding the last business card you will be able to unlock Man of Many Interests achievement.