Evil West: how to invite friends, play co-op or crossplay?

Evil West is now available to play on PC (Windows), PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


Now, if you are wondering how does the co-operative multiplayer mode works or how to invite your friends and play across platforms? In this short guide, we’ll answer all of those questions.


How does the co-op mode works?


In Evil West, you play as Jesse Rentier, a retired cowboy vampire hunter. To play co-op mode, simply open multiplayer from the main menu, then select a player from your friends list to invite them into the session. However, the vampire hunt is not possible to perform in split screen. Besides, co-op partners get a hit when it comes to progression: only the host earns story and character progression. However, the guests will be given the host's weaponry and abilities.

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Is Crossplay possible?


According to the developers, there will be no crossplay in Evil West. However, as lead producer Tomasz Gop points out, "there are platforms where it works". This could mean cross-generational crossplay.


This means that PS5 and PS4 players can invite each other into the game. Of course, the same applies to owners of an Xbox Series X|S who want to gamble with "Xbox One" players. However, PC players cannot join vampire hunts with console players, just as PS5 players cannot connect with Xbox SX player.