FIFA 23: how to link EA and YouTube to earn FGS Swap Tokens?

If you are wondering how to earn the FGS token that is offered by watching the FIFA Global Series on November 14 on YouTube, then here is the guide to link your YouTube and Electronic Arts account:


Go to the Related Apps page of YouTube settings 

Link your EA Account by clicking Link next to Electronic Arts

You will be asked to authorize Electronic Arts to link your accounts and watch approved events and videos in an attempt to earn in-game rewards. ClickLink.

Confirm your EA Account. If this is the wrong account, click Not your account? to switch to the right account

Click Continue. If Login Verification is enabled, you will be asked to verify your identity

FIFA 23, How To, Link EA, Link YouTube, Earn FGS. Swap Tokens

Click Link Accounts

Click Return to YouTube

Click Finish Recovery


Please note that you’ll have to follow the competition for at least 60 minutes to earn the FGS Swap token which can take up to four hours to appear in your FIFA 23 inventory.