FM23: 3 best ways to Increase your Transfer Budget

If you are wondering how to increase your Transfer Budget in Football Manager 2023 (FM23), then in this guide we’ll share three methods to build your budget.


Our first and most effective method is to reduce the Wage Budget. To do this you need to go to the “Finances” menu, then reduce the Wage Budget in order to maximize the transfer budget. Of course, you must respect the Wage Budget limit and also have enough funds to be able to pay the player you want to hire.


Our second method is to sell your ​​players that you are not interested in at your club. Of course, most of the time players with a certain value are key members of your team but it is usually possible to replace them with cheaper recruits or free agents or even Wonderkids.

Football Manager 2023, FM23, Best Ways, Increase Transfer Budget

Our third and last method is to request from the board to give you an additional budget for transfers. To do this, you need to go to “Finances” and click on the Ask the Board button which is below “Adjust Budget”. All you have to do is choose Increase in transfer budgets in the Finances section.


Obviously, this method is not one of the most effective since the decision is up to the club officials.