Fortnite: new update 22.30 fixes, features and additions

The latest Fortnite update 22.30 has now been rolled-out. In this article we’ll summarized all new features, additions / changes and fixes.


Skywalker week is now active in Fortnite. This brings three new "Star Wars" skins and quests that can earn you XP. Besides, special boxes appear on the map that contain weapons from the "Star Wars" universe.


The Pulse Rifle from Chapter 2 has once again been added into the Fortnite weapon list. Besides, the Junk Rift is back, with which you can easily tear down buildings. Both weapons can be found either on the ground or in rare chests.


Halloween is over in Fortnite, but the rewards don't stop there. You can earn cool items and even a complete skin for free thanks to the Chrome Punk quests. How to unlock Chrome Punk rewards:

Earn 10 account levels (until January 1st, 2023)

Reward:  Chrome Seed Back Bling


Earn 25 account levels (until January 1st, 2023)

Reward:  Graveyard Rave Loading Screen


Earn 50 account levels (until January 1st, 2023)

Reward:  Chrome Punk Outfit


Fortnite also gives you XP and a cool Pickle Rick Back Bling in the Horde Rush. (you can earned them by completing 8 quests in Horde Rush).


Competition Notes


The Skywalker Week changes and Pulse Rifle are not available in Competitive game modes.


The Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper has been removed from tournament playlist.

The Explosive Goo Gun has been removed from the Zero Build tournament playlist.


Important bug fixes


Players can now pick up Reboot Cards without being blocked by invisible collision.