GoW Ragnarök: Best Armors to Upgrade

At the beginning of God of War Ragnarok, you’ll automatically get basic armor that you can upgrade. However, as you progress trough the game, you’ll be able to craft new ones. Here, we’ll list you the best Armors in GoW Ragnarök.

How to unlock Raven Tears Armor?

This armor is obtained by killing 18 Odin's Ravens in the different kingdoms of the game. You will then go to the Raven tree in the Niflheim region to open the unlocked chests there.

It is interesting because it allows you to heal yourself automatically. This is a very useful armor if you are not comfortable with parrying and dodging and are used to taking damage.

How to Get Guiding Light Armor Set?


It is quite simple to unlock and is very interesting because it gives you a chance, with each hit you land, to increase the statistics of one of your weapons. A very interesting armor for long-lasting clashes with a number of enemies.

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To unlock it you will have to go to Midgard and complete a side quest which will not be available the first time you go to Midgard.

Lunda's Lost Armor

A rather interesting armor but not to be used in all situations. It allows you to poison your opponents and inflict considerable damage, but on the condition of inflicting it with your bare hands.

It is possible to find this armor in the kingdom of Vanaheim, in the area of the ruins of the cliffs. You will find in red chests the different pieces of this armor.

Steinbjörn's Secret Armor

This is a secret armor and seems to be the strongest in the game. It allows you to reach the maximum level of your defense with Kratos without needing to upgrade it to level 9. 

To unlock it, you will have to face bosses and find hidden 4 Troll statues. You must unlock the Mystical Heirloom Relic in order to activate the 4 hidden Troll sculptures. Then you can use the drop items from statues to craft the armor.