How cross-play and cross-progression work in NfS Unbound?

In this short guide, we’ll show you how the cross-play and cross-progression work in Need for Speed (NfS) ​​Unbound.


Is NfS Unbound Cross-play Support? Yes, it is cross-play support and it is unique to NfS ​​Unbound multiplayer. You can only play the campaign alone. There is no co-op or cross-play in single player mode.


It is also important to note that PC, Xbox and PlayStation players can play with or against each other, but there is no cross-play on the Nintendo Switch.


Is NfS Unbound Cross - Progression Support?

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No, NfS ​​Unbound has no cross progression. This means that even if you're using the same EA Account on all platforms, your saves will remain on your respective platform and you won't be able to switch between different platforms.