How to see your retrospective? Spotify Wrapped 2022

Just like last year Spotify offers you a retrospective of 2022 and it is only available for Spotify users.


To see or access your Spotify Wrapped 2022, you have two options:


- Open the link in the official Spotify email, which will be sent to all its users


- Use the link to the Spotify Wrapped 2022. This link only works on phone, provided you have Spotify installed


How To, Retrospective, Spotify, Wrapped 2022

If you go through a link opening in the application, you just have to click on the story present at the top left to access your entire Spotify Wrapped. You will then find all the statistics in image concerning your year 2022 in music, and small quizzes are also offered!


You will learn the number of artists you have listened to, but also the list of your favorite podcasts or the number of minutes of listening you had in 2022.