Jennifer Lopez (JLO) revealed a new album titled “This Is Me...Now," which reflects on her transformation over the years.


Without revealing specific release date for her ninth studio album, JLo, aged 53, released the tracklist with 13 songs, in addition to a promotional video, showing the artist then and now. One of the track titles, "Dear Ben pt. II", indicates that the singer will address her relationship with Ben Affleck.


This Is Me... Now Tracklist


1. This Is Me … Now

2. To Be Yours

3. Mad in Love

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4. Can't Get Enough

5. Rebound

6. Not. going. anywhere.

7. Dear Ben pt. ll

8. Hummingbird

9. Hearts and Flowers

10. Broken Like Me

11. This Time Around

12. Midnight Trip to Vegas

13. Greatest Love Story Never Told


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