Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrades and Unlock Levels in MW2

In Modern Warfare 2 MW2, the more you play in multiplayer the more rewards you unlock for leveling up. You also earn upgrades, and they are filed upgrades. There are 15 of them. The upgrades are either an active skill, a passive or an item to use in the game.. You can find a use for each depending on the style of play you want to adopt in your game.


Trophy System (Level 8)

Tactical Camera (Level 12)

Munitions box (Level 16)

Anti-Armor Rounds (Level 29)

Deployable Cover (unlocked by default)

Battle Rage (Level 24)

Recon Drone (unlocked by default)

Smoke Airdrop (Level 30)

DDOS (Level 38)

Modern Warfare 2, Field Upgrades, Unlock Levels, MW2

Portable Radar (Level 5)

Tactical Insertion (Level 43)

Loadout Drop (Level 45)

Suppression Mine: (Unlocked by default)

Inflatable Decoy (Level 49)

Dead Silence (Level 51)