Pokémon: how to get eggs easily in Scarlet and Violet?

In this guide we will show you how to get eggs easily in Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet


Like in the previous installment, it is not possible to get through Day Care. Now you have to go for a picnic in the bushes with two Pokémon compatible with breeding as it has been specified by Nintendo and you then have a chance of having an egg which appears in your picnic basket at the end of the leave again.


Of course, there is a method to increase your chances of getting an egg. Here is how to do it:


Go to the West Medali area, then capture a Ditto. It is possible that the mentioned Shapeshifter appears above a Pokémon that does not look like it, it is completely normal since it has taken this appearance.

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Then go to the restaurant in Medali and order one of the dishes that allows you to have the bonus "Egg power: Level 2" in order to benefit from a breeding boost.


Now go picnic again in a relatively flat area outside of town with the Pokemon you want to breed and the Ditto you captured earlier in your party. After a while, check your basket and an egg should be there.