Ragnarok Gna: how to find, unlock and beat Valkyrie Queen?

Valkyrie Queen Gna is one of toughest bosses you’ll encounter during your progress in God of War Ragnarok. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to find and defeat this opponent.


In order to unlock Gna, you have to complete the story and then you must unlock the Crucible in Muspelheim. If both requirements are met, you’ll find Gna in the south of the Crucible.


To start the fight with Gna, you need to pick up the glowing weapon in the center of the battle area.


The battle with Gna is a bit difficult even on the lowest difficulty level. It moves very quickly and the pauses between its attacks are very short, so you hardly have time to attack.

Ragnarok, Gna, How To Find, Unlock, Beat Valkyrie Queen

Here we’ll give you some useful tips defeat Gna


- First, you should turn on the subtitles for this battle. Gna's special attacks are always shown by her spell, which results in a different attack. The subtitle overlays warn you better than rely on your hearing alone.


- Use the fully upgraded Berserker armor in combination with the Hilt of Skofnung". Using the relic can result in various bonuses from the armor, which in turn shortens the relic's cooldown so you can use it often.


- Be sure to use three Amulet spells from Muspelheim and Niflheim to unlock the appropriate set bonuses.


-When using Sparta's Rage, preferably use Wrath. This gives you time to smash Gna and restore health in the process. During this time you can also use the summons of Freya well.


- Use the rune attacks of all your weapons right from the start so that you can use them again as quickly as possible.


If you defeat Gna, you will receive an outfit and a summon for Freya, a shield attachment and the gold trophy "The True Queen"