Ragnarok: how to unlock Meal of Comfort?

In order to unlock Meal of Comfort in God of War Ragnarok, you have to complete the quest called “Across the Realms Favor” To complete this quest you need to find four ingredients and prepare a special dish.  Here, we’ll give you their locations:


Nordic Gourd (Midgard)


You can find the first ingredient near the eternal campfire. Go to the east out of the area and there you will see the yellow heart symbol on a rock in front of you. In front of it lies the Nordic gourd on the ground.  


Nordic Gourd, Midgard, Ragnarok


Prongfruit (Svartalfheim)


You can find this one in the beginning of the forge in Svartalfheim. From the Mystic Gateway at Nidavellir Beach, take the railcar up and then keep right. You will then come to one of the Norn towers with the ingredient on the left.


Prongfruit, Svartalfheim, Ragnarok

Elven Cap (Alfheim)


The Elven Cap is in a hidden area behind a fallen pillar to the far west of the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim.

Elven Cap, Alfheim, Ragnarok


Bantam Melon (Vanaheim)


The Bantam Melon can be found in the sinkhole of the Vanaheim Crater area. You have to leave the boat near the Celestial Altar and then walk a little to the northeast along the shore. Note that you must first flood the crater by completing the Return of the River Favor in the jungle to use the boat.


Bantam Melon, Vanaheim, Ragnarok

After you have collected all four ingredients, throw them into the cooking pot at the eternal campfire in the Lake of Nine. As a reward, you will receive the "Meal of Comfort."  This item permanently increases each of your attributes by five points. So you get a total of +30 points to strengthen Kratos.