Ragnarok: where to find All 6 Draugar holes? Location guide

As you progress trough the God of War Ragnarok story, you’ll encounter a total of six holes in several places and also you’ll face six mini-bosses. Fights with these monsters are not that difficult and you will easily overcome them.


Here are the locations of all six Draugar holes:


1st hole: at the bottom of the Watchtower in Svartalfheim

2nd hole: in the Jarnsmida Pitmines (The Applecore) in Svartalfheim

3rd hole: after the entrance to the Barrens in Alfheim

4th hole: in the Abandoned Village in Vanaheim

5th hole: under an ice arch around the Lake of Nine in Midgard

6th hole: at the beach in The Plains in Vanaheim, towards the end of the game