The Devil in Me: how to open Morellos door? code

In The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me, you play as Kate and you hear a girl crying and you once you reach the door you find that it is locked with a combination lock and you have to find the code for it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find this door code.


After you reach the door where the girl is locked you find that the door is locked as shown in the screenshot below.

The Devil in Me, How To Open, Morellos Door, Code


Of course you can't get in through the broken door. So keep running to the next door, through which you can enter the room next door. In the first room you will find a small white dresser with a note book on it. Here half of the first page was torn off.


If you now look at your on-screen control pad on the left of the image, you will see a pencil. That's when Kate gets a new ability. You can use the pencil to make the door code visible on the note.


After using the pencil to make the note on the torn sheet visible, the door code will be displayed - it is 1999.


Now go to the next room, where you will find a door with a combination lock. Enter the found code into the lock and the door to the room with the crying girl will open.