The Devil in Me: how to pet, save Dog and get Good Ending?

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to save, pet the dog and unlock or get the good ending.


To pet and save the dog in The Devil in Me, you have to make the right decisions at two important points in the game. If you do well, you will unlock the good ending  Can I Pet the Dog? We’ll show you how to do that as well.


Now, to pet the dog in The Devil in Me, you have to meet him with Mark. You can only do this if you let Charlie die first (in the oven or in the garbage disposal). So Mark takes over the path to the lighthouse, on which you normally control Charlie and the encounter with the dog is different.


Mark tries to open a gate and at that moment Connie, the dog, comes and growls at Mark. He grabs a rock to defend himself. At this point you have to decide not to attack the dog - just don't throw the stone at Connie! This unlocks "May I pet the dog?", since Mark is allowed to approach Connie.


Now, to unlock the good ending it is irrelevant which of the humans survived. If you can save everyone, then the picture will be much nicer in the end, but the trophy will only be awarded if the dog survived.


The Devil in Me, How To Pet, Save Dog, Get Good Ending, Unlock

In order to be able to save the dog, you simply must not attack him. You get the chance to do this when you come with Kate, Jamie and Erin (depending on who survives) to a cabin from which they hear whimpering.


You go in to save the dog, but the killer is close behind you and you have to hide. Since Connie feels threatened, she starts to growl and threatens to give away your hiding place. You grab an opened bottle and hint that you want to kill the dog - don't attack the dog with the bottle!


The dog is man's best friend and will defend you against the killer at every opportunity. If you are nice to the dog, she will survive in the end and you will unlock "Good Ending".