Best card combination with Wong in Marvel Snap

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best deck for Wong. According to the Marvel Snap Zone site an Exodia deck is the best. The principle of this deck is to ensure that your opponent is without any cards at the end of the game. Here is the deck and tactics:


Turn 2: Play a T2 card to a slot


Turn 3 and 4: Play Gambit and Wong in the same location, but in a different location on the T2 map you played previously


Turn 5: Place Magik in the space you left empty


Turn 6: Place the Arnim Zola card where Wong is


Turn 7: Play Odin at the location of Arnim Zola and Wong


Best Card Combo, Wong, Marvel Snap

Hazmat - Reveal: Afflicts all opponent cards by-1 Power


Psylocke - Reveal: On the next turn, you gain +1 Energy

Scorpio - Reveal: Afflicts all cards in your opponent's hand by -1 Power


Gambit - Reveal: Discard a card from your hand. Destroy your opponent's random card


Green Goblin - Reveal: Your opponent takes control here


Storm - Reveal: Drowns this location. On the next, this is the last turn cards can be played here


Wave - Reveal: In the next turn, the cards in both players' hands cost 4


Wong - Ongoing: Your Reveal abilities happen twice here


Magik - You can't play here until turn 6. Reveal: Changes this location to "Limbo"


America Chavez - You always draw this card on turn 6 and not before


Arnim Zola - Reveal: Destroy a random ally card here. Adds copies of it to other locations


Odin - Reveal: Activates the Reveal abilities of all other cards in that slot