Best route for Court of Stars M+ Dungeon, Dragonflight S1

Court of Stars was a dungeon in WoW Legion and now it’s available as a Mythic Plus (M+) in Dragonflight Season 1. In this short guide, we’ll show you one of the best routes to complete the dungeon quickly.


There are several possible routes to complete it. However, we’ll show you one that is not too difficult and will allow you to finish the dungeon quickly to reach level up to 15+ or even 20+. The route is quite straight and does not require you to skip with an invisibility potion.


However, during your progress you’ll encounter several tough bosses so do not hesitate to repeat this dungeon to fully understand the skills of them in order to best prepare you to face them during Tyrannical weeks.


In addition, you will face several mini-bosses in the Court of Stars dungeon that can be difficult during fortified weeks.


In general, it's a very interesting dungeon and very fun to play since you will be able to make substantial packs. However, it is not so easy to handle. There are a lot of patrols so it's easy to encounter them unintentionally and it is also possible to get lost.


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As you can see, we chose a route that encourages you to take on large groups of enemies, but without taking too much risk.