Dragon Quest Treasures Unlock Cecily, Shop, Cafeteria, Pellet

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Miss Cecily, Base Facilities, Shop, Cafeteria and Pellet Workshop. 


To use cooking ingredients you have collected during your journey, you must play the main missions until you arrive on your island. There you will meet Miss Cecily who is in charge of recruiting the monsters. Just walk into the big hall and you can talk to her.


Now, you have to continue playing the main missions until Miss Cecily makes suggestions for facilities in your base. The first proposals will be to open a Cafeteria for cooking food, a Pellet Workshop for making Pellet and a trading center for shopping.


To open these three establishments, you must first visit Axel, Madame Blancmange, and Bricky Rix. They will each ask you for favors that you must complete before they accompany you to your base. These are very easy to fulfill wishes. So talk to the characters in the first step and find out what you have to do.


To know where to go, open the main menu and go to "Missions". Miss Cecily's missions can be found under "Team Missions". Here you can set the individual quests to active and a marker on the map will show you exactly where you have to go. You have to complete three team missions.


Dragon Quest Treasures, Unlock Cecily, Shop, Cafeteria, Pellet

Once you have brought all three characters into your base, you can make pellet with Axel and have food cooked by Madame Blancmange. You can check with Bricky Rix to see if he happens to have the ingredients you need for the recipes.


Now all you have to do is look out for Pellet and dish recipes as you travel through the world of Dragon Quest Treasures. Of course, you can't make every pellet and dish from the start. You can find the recipes in treasure chests or buy them from vendors at each train station.