Dragonflight: how to find and defeat Bazual, Dreaded Flame?

Dragonflight as many quests, from Mythic Dungeons to Raid to PvP, you'll have plenty to do. One of these quests or challenges is the World bosses, found all over the map.


One such World Boss is Bazual, and this is the third World Boss you’ll face in the game. You can find him in the The Azure Span, near Vakthros Range. It is not very difficult challenge but still requires paying special attention.


Like other World Boss, Bazual is only available every four weeks. The weeks when he is present, you must head to the Azure span to be able to face him.


Note that all World Bosses are considered Worlds Quests, and therefore appear on your map as a purple circle surrounded by a gold dragon.

Dragonflight, How To Find, Defeat Bazual, Dreaded Flame, Location

Once you find Bazual , form a team and engage in combat. It is not particularly hard but pay attention to these few points:


Be careful not to be in front of the boss because of his breath.


Use a defensive cool down when he's going to try to push you away with his magma eruption. He flies away before casting it.


He has a whole host of AoE spells that need to be avoided.


If you manage these skills correctly, you will be able to beat him easily.