Dragonflight: How to get Pickaxe Blade and Iskaarian Ice Ax?

Some items in Dragonflight are very difficult to get and in this guide, we’ll show you the location of the Pickaxe blade, which is essential to craft Iskaarian Ice Ax that helps you to catch ice fish.


Professions have changed a lot in Dragonflight, the return of specializations allows you to improve your skills in order to catch rare fish. For that, you will need the pickaxe blade found at the Azure Span.


The Pickaxe blade is located in Azure Span at the Three-Falls Lookout at / way 18.88, 24.26.

Dragonflight, How To Get, Pickaxe Blade, Iskaarian Ice Ax


If you don't see the pickaxe, don't panic! You will need to meet certain conditions:


Be rank 10 with the Iskaara Tuskarr

Have the Dragon Isles fishing skill at level 50


Once the pickaxe has been obtained you have to go to Tavio way 12.86, 49.21 then you can craft the Iskaarian ice ax. You can now fish in certain frozen places near /way 56.0, 33.0 in order to harvest certain rare fish.