Dragonflight: how to unlock, remove, open Molten Lock chest?

In the Dragon Isles in Dragonflight, you’ll encounter several Molten chests scattered all over the map and you can only open them through a specific action. 

You can find eleven Molten Lock chests in the Awakening Shores, eleven in Ohn'ahran Plains, ten in Thaldraszus and nine in The Azure Span. You can only open them by attacking them with a spell that deals frost type damage.


If your class does not have spells that inflict frost damage, here are several solutions to unlock the Molten Lock chests.

Dragonflight, How To Unlock, Remove, Open, Molten Lock, Chest

Use Mechanism Bypass if you are Renown level 16 with the Dragonscale Expedition

As a Warlock, use your Chaos Trait, as chaos magic counts as all magic types

As a Priest, use Mind Spike

As a Demon Hunter, use Fel Rush

As a Shaman, use your Frost Shock

As a Death Knight, use your Howling Flurry

As a Frost Mage, use your Ice Lance

As an Evoker, use your Disintegrate ability

As a Hunter, use your Chimaera Shots


For all other classes without Frost or Chaos spells, use a Phial of Glacial Fury and use spells on a creature near the chest.