FF Reunion Shinra Manor Safe Code

 As in the previous installment, you will be able to explore many places including the Shinra Manor building in Crisis Core Reunion. There you’ll find a safe and if you are wondering what combination code to enter, here, we’ll show you how to find it.


Well, first you have to find four doors spread across Shinra Manor to see through the lock. To find out where the doors are, you can consult the following map.

FF Reunion Shinra Manor Safe Code, Crisis Core Reunion

To find the number corresponding to each door, here is what you will have to count at each location:


Digit 1 - Count the number of books that are not placed on the shelves

Digit 2 - Count the number of monsters floating around the room. It's worth noting that these monsters appear and disappear, so be patient while you count them.

Digit 3 - For the 3rd code, you will have to count the number of purple apples and cans

Digit 4 - The last code is to list the number of chairs in the room