Final Fantasy 7 Reunion: how to get, unlock Materia Fusion?

In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (FF7) Reunion, Materia fusion is a gameplay term that helps you to learn new spells, new skills and also increase your stat values.  


Materia fusion will unlock automatically in Chapter 3. There you can fuse the materia you own for the first time and create a new materia. However, the item slot is still locked at this point.


You can only unlock this from Chapter 5. To do this, you need to complete the 7-2-1 mission and get the Item Fusion Tome as a reward. Only then you can combine objects such as items and accessories into your materia fusion.


For each fusion you need Soldier Points (SP). You earn these by defeating monsters or opening chests. You can also exchange Materia for SP in the Materia menu. It is important that you still leave enough SP, because you need them to spin the DMW. If you have too little or none at all, it will no longer rotate.

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You can always see how many SP the materia fusion costs directly with the fusion product. The higher the quality of your Materia, the higher the cost to you.