Fortnite patch 23: new weapons in chapter 4 season 1

Fortnite continues to renew itself regularly and bring some new content to its players with each new season! Chapter 4 Season 1 is finally here, after several months of Season 4 of Chapter 3.


As always, many new features will be added in the game with the new patch, such as the new map, skin or even new NPCs! Of course, another important element of Fortnite will also change: it's weapons! What are the new weapons in chapter 4 season 1? Here, we’ll show you the list of available weapons in Fortnite chapter 4 season 1 patch 23.00. 

Ex-Caliber Rifle

Thunder Shotgun

Maven Auto Shotgun

Assault Rifle Red-Eye

Twin Mag SMG

Tactical Pistol