How to get and spend, use bloody token in Dragonflight?

In WoW Dragonflight, Blood Tokens are a new War Mode currency that you can earn by fighting against other players, each character you kill get you a small amount of Blood Tokens.


The best way to farm Bloody Tokens is to wait for War Supply Chests that are dropped by planes regularly in Dragon Isles areas. These chests will give 200 Bloody Tokens for your first loot of the day, then it reduce by 50 for subsequent loots.


Here is the route we advise you to take:


Wait in the Ohn'ahran Plains for the first chest to arrive. When it's there, click on it quickly.


Then, quickly head to Thaldraszus to collect the second chest.


When it's done, you have 5 minutes to go to the Azure Span and get the third chest.


Finally, reach the Waking Shores for the final chest. You can return to Ohn'ahra to wait for the next cycle.


How To Get, Spend, Use, Bloody Token, Dragonflight
How to spend Bloody Token

Once you have bloody tokens, go to Thaldraszus to buy some gear. Here are the different prices:


Back, waist, wrists: 200 Blood Tokens

Shoulders, hands, feet: 350 Blood Tokens

Head, chest, legs: 500 Blood Tokens

One-handed weapons: 400 Blood Tokens

Two-handed weapons: 800 Bloody Tokens


A complete gear costs 3,950 Blood Tokens (except for fury warriors, which cost you 4,750 Blood Tokens).


You can also buy interesting war mode toys, parachutes and consumables.


The person selling you the Blood Token gear is the Fieldmaster Emberath, the War Mode Quartermaster in Valdrakken.