How to Play Overcooked 2 Crossplay and Progression?

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to play Overcooked 2 Cross Platform and Cross- Progression. In Overcooked 2, you can play with your friends and cook wonderful dishes. The game is available on PS4, PS5 Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. PlayStation players can play with their friends on Xbox or with PC players and vice versa.


Crossplay or Cross Platform allows you to play with all players regardless of their medium, whether PS, Xbox, PC, Stadia or Luna. You will also keep your progress regardless of your platform, as long as you are logged into your account, you keep your progress.


Cross - progression allows you to keep your progress as you play from one medium to another. Allowing you to keep your data whether you switch from Xbox to PlayStation or vice versa.


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Are these features available in Overcooked 2?


Crossplay is available in Overcooked 2. All you have to do is add your friends to your friends list and invite them to join. Your friend will then receive a notification and can accept you. Once the request is accepted, you can then play together regardless of your platform.


On the other hand, Cross-Progression is not available in Overcooked 2. If you play on a different platform you will not be able to get your achievements, progress and other features related to your in-game activities.


However, you will be able to recover your data from the Steam platform to Origin and vice versa, since these are platforms available on PC.