Memory Fragment Locations in AC Valhalla Last Chapter

In this short guide, we’ll show you the exact locations of all five Memory Fragments in the Last Chapter of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Finding all Memory Fragments will reward unlock you the Jarl of the Raven Clan armor set. This will give you bonuses to attack and armor based on your remaining health, as well as increased critical chance and critical damage.


Memory Fragment # 1 - Ravensthorpe


The first Memory Fragment “Fare The Well, Young Eagle” can be found right in Ravensthorpe on a small hill in front of the Hidden Ones Bureau as shown in the picture below: 

Memory Fragment # 1, Ravensthorpe

Memory Fragment # 2 - Wessex


The second Memory Fragment “Fare The Well, Aelfred Rex” is on the porch of The Old Minster in Wincestre in Wessex, in the southwest of the map.

Memory Fragment # 2, Wessex, Map

Memory Fragment # 2, Wessex, Picture

Memory Fragment # 3 - East Anglia


The third Memory Fragment “Fare The Well, Aethelstan” lies on the roof of the house in the middle of the Northwic in East Anglia.

Memory Fragment # 3, East Anglia, Map

Memory Fragment # 3, East Anglia, Picture

Memory Fragment # 4 - Norway


The fourth Memory Fragment “Fare The Well, King Fair Hair” you must change maps and travel back to Norway, where the game once began. Here the Memory Fragment lies just outside the entrance to the long house in Alrekstad,  north of Hördafylke.

Memory Fragment # 4, Norway, Map

Memory Fragment # 4, Norway, Map

Memory Fragment # 4, Norway, Picture

Memory Fragment # 5 - Ravensthorpe


If you have collected all four Memory Fragment, you can now see the image of the last Memory Fragment (Fare The Well, My Ravens) and have to go back to Ravensthorpe again. Here you’ll find the fragment on one of the buildings at the docks.

Memory Fragment # 5, Ravensthorpe, Picture

Now you can enjoy the ending sequence of AC Valhalla and then find yourself in the shoes of Basim, who will star in the next installment, Assassin's Creed Mirage.