Overwatch 2: How to get Bastion and Brigitte skin for free?

In this short guide, we’ll show you how to unlock or get Gingerbread Bastion and Ice Queen Brigitte skins for free in Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland event.


As we mentioned that there are two free skins in Overwatch 2 for the Winter Wonderland. However, the Bastion skin is in theory not completely free, rather than making it free on the store, Blizzard set it to 1 credit. You should therefore have no trouble getting your hands on this skin.


For the second skin offered, Ice Queen Brigitte skins, you won't have to go through the store. This time the skin is indeed free, we promise!


To get your hands on this one, you will simply have to manage to overcome a few challenges. To help you, we have listed them below.


Overwatch 2, How To Get, Bastion, Brigitte, Skins for Free

Unthawed: Win a game in Freezethaw Elimination

Snowstorm: Win a game in Snowball Deathmatch

Monster Hunter: Win a Yeti Hunt game as Mei

Time for Cocoa: Win a game in Mei’s Snowball Offensive

Abominable: Win a game in Yeti Hunter as a Yeti

Block of Ice: Block 8 snowballs with Cryo-Freeze, Ice Wall in Snowball Deathmatch, or Mei's Snowball Offensive