Strays tracklist - Margo Price

Margo Price’s 4th album “Strays” scheduled to be released on January 13th, the country singer has already released the single "Change Of Heart" and also a statement about her new album of her career. "I feel more mature in the way I write now, I'm digging deeper than just looking for big crowds and accolades. I'm trying to find what my soul needs.”


Strays tracklist:


1. Been to the Mountain 

2. Light Me Up (feat. Mike Campbell)

3. Radio (feat. Sharon Van Etten) Price, Van Etten 

4. Change of Heart

5. County Road

Strays tracklist, Margo Price, New Album

6. Time Machine Dillon Napier, Christopher Houston Denny

7. Hell in the Heartland Price, Lawrence Rothman 

8. Anytime You Call (feat. Lucius) Ivey

9. Lydia Price 

10. Landfill