Strunraan: how to find and defeat World Boss in Dragonflight?

Dragonflight has many challenges and one of them is the World bosses, found all over the map.


One such World Boss is Strunraan and this is the second World Boss you’ll encounter. You can find him in the Ohn'ahra Plains, near River Ford. It is not very complex but still requires to remain attentive.


This world boss will only appear every four weeks. The weeks he is available, you must head to the Ohn'ahara Plains to be able to face him. Note that all World Bosses are considered Worlds Quests and therefore appear on your map as a purple circle surrounded by a gold dragon.


Once you find Strurnaan, form a team and engage in combat. It is not particularly hard but pay attention to these few points:


- Avoid being hit by his abilities as much as possible to avoid being debuffed.


Strunraan, How To Find, Defeat World Boss, Dragonflight

- He will try to knock players back on contact, escape from his Storm's Strikes and his breath skill - which is cast.


Don't stay in the water if Strunraan is there too.


When it flies away, players will take much more damage and AoEs will multiply.


If you manage these skills correctly, you can defeat him easily!