WoW Dragonflight: how to find or summon Ancient Protector?

The Ancient Protector is a rare monster in Dragonflight, and they are very popular for getting you 370+ stuff.


In this short guide, we’ll show you how to find or summon her.


The Ancient Protector can be found in the center of Tyrhold in Thaldrazsus. Its summoning process is a bit complex, so we will give you the order of things to do to be able to find it:


Go to Tyrhold.


Kill the Titan Defense Matrixes, large golden balls that move around the area to collect 5 Unstable Matrix Cores.


WoW Dragonflight, How To, Summon, Find, Ancient Protector?

Combine all 5 Unstable Matrix Cores to make an Unstable Containment Core. Once you have your new core, go to one of the large titanium reactors in the area.


Enter said reactor and click on the energy vortex in the center. Be careful not to be in combat.


Repeat the operation with all the reactors in the area. Once done, the Ancient Protector should appear in front of the stairs leading to the central platform of Tyrhold.