All Playable Characters in One Piece Odyssey (OPO)

Since the plot of One Piece Odyssey (OPO) revolves around the arcs through episode 747, Luffy's crew includes the following characters:


Monkey D Luffy: The captain, In One Piece Odyssey you can use his rubber skills to reach distant locations and items. His Observation Haki also identifies secret items and enemies with experience boosts.


Lorenor Zoro: In One Piece Odyssey, Zoro can cut metal and use it to open chests and doors.


Nami: The thieving magpie Nami is the navigator of the crew and incredibly greedy for money. She relies on her climate baton and weather phenomena in battle. In One Piece Odyssey, Nami can find and pick up money in the world.


Usopp: In One Piece Odyssey, Usopp can shoot down nests with his slingshot to collect their contents. He can also uses various tricks in the battle.


All Playable Characters, One Piece Odyssey, OPO

Sanji: In One Piece Odyssey, Sanji can prepare various foods that work like healing items. In addition, while exploring, he can find ingredients for the preparation


Tony Tony Chopper: In One Piece Odyssey, Chopper can transform into various forms and he is able to go through tunnels because of his small size.


Nico Robin: The archaeologist is the thoughtful calming influence of the crew. Thanks to the power of the flora-flora fruit, she can grow other body parts around her.


Franky: The cyborg Franky is the ship carpenter of Luffy's people. Thanks to his artificial body, he can spawn various weapons.


Brooke: The living skeleton Brook is the Straw Hat crew's musician. Thanks to the fruit of the dead , he was brought back to life, albeit belatedly. He fights with a sword and is incredibly light because of his bones.