Dragonflight: how to complete Reviving the Machine quest?

The WoW Dragonflight patch 10.0.5 is now live, one of the new additions of this content is the Revival Catalyst.


This system will allow you to transform team parts from all sources (except equipment created with crafting) into set parts. To access it, you need to do the Reviving the Machine quest.


If you logged in for WoW Dragonflight patch 10.0.5, you should be able to access a quest called Reviving the Machine. To access this quest, you must first speak to Koranos.


You can find him at the very top of Valdrakken. Once you talk to him, you need to find the Revival Catalyst and the NPC Antuka.


Note that Koranos may be in a different location if you have the Legacy Tyr quest in progress. You will need to complete it before you can do the Reviving the Machine quest.


To find Antuka and the Catalyst, head to Tyrhold. There, look for an entrance on the mountain slightly north of the Tyrhold. Enter this opening.


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Once inside, move forward until you find the Catalyst. It's a big dark console with Antuka right next to it! And There you go.


Once you find Akunta, you must do a quest that requires you to do activities to unlock the Revival Catalyst.


For this, you can do whatever you want with a few exceptions. For example, doing timewalking dungeons does not increase quest progress. We particularly advise you to do the blue elite world quests, which increase the progression stage by 20%.