Every Loser tracklist, Listen to Iggy Pop's new songs

Iggy Pop, the Godfather of Punk has just released his 19th studio album. "Every Loser" sounds modern without ignoring the singer's long history. The album was produced by Andrew Watt, a name that has good influence both in pop (worked with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus ) and in rock (it was he who piloted the most successful works of Ozzy Osbourne ).


Every Loser has the following songs:


1 - "Frenzy"

2 - "Strung Out Johnny"

3 - "New Atlantis"

4 - "Modern Day Ripoff"

5 - "Morning Show"

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6 - "The News For Andy (Interlude)"

7 - "Neo Punk"

8 - "All The Way Down"

9 - "Comments"

10 - "My Animus (Interlude)"

11 - "The Regency"


Listen to Every Loser: