FEE: Emblem Rings Unlock Chapters in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage FEE, you will receive emblem rings that you can use to summon legendary heroes. Since it is your task in the game to collect all the emblem rings, you will get them all automatically as you progress through the game. Only the DLC emblems, which you can buy as part of the expansion pass, are optional. Below we summarize in which chapters you get all the rings for the first time.


Marth - Ring of the Hero King (Prolog)


Sigurd - Ring of the Holy Knight (Chapter 4)


Celica - Ring of the Caring Princess (Chapter 4)


Micaiah - Ring of the Dawn Maiden (Chapter 6)

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Roy - Ring of the young lion (Chapter 8)


Leif - Ring of the Sage Lord (Chapter 8)


Lyn - Ring of the Lady of the Plains (Chapter 10)


Lucina - Ring of the Exalt Princes (Chapter 10)


Ike - Ring of the Radiant Hero (Chapter 13)


Byleth - Ring of the Instructor (Chapter 14)


Corrin - Ring of the Crux of Fate (Chapter 15)


Eirika and Ephraim - Ring of the Azure Twins (Chapter 16)


Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude - Bracelet of the Ancestral Divine Dragon (DLC)


Tiki - House Leaders Emblem Bracelet (DLC)