Find and defeat Liskanoth in WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight brings many quests from Mythic Dungeons to Raid to PvP, you'll have plenty to do. One of these challenges are the World bosses, found across the map.


One such World Boss is Liskanoth , and it is the fourth and final World Boss that players will encounter. You can find him in Thaldraszus , Primalist Future area. It is not very complex but still requires remaining attentive.


Like any World Boss, Liskanoth is only available every fourth week. The weeks he is available, you must head to Thaldraszus to be able to face him. Note that all World Bosses are considered Worlds Quests, and therefore appear on your map as a purple circle surrounded by a gold dragon.


For Liskanoth, the situation is a bit special. This boss can be found in the Primalist Future. So go to the Temporal Conflux and click on the portal below.

Find, How to Defeat, Liskanoth, WoW, Dragonflight


Next, head to the frozen waterfall to the southwest.


Once you find Liskanoth , form a party and engage in combat. It is not particularly hard, but pay attention to these few points:


Be careful not to be in front of the boss because of his breath.


Don’t walk in here areas.


When she flies off, be careful not to get under her or you'll be frozen.


If you manage these skills correctly, you will have to beat him without worry!