Fire Emblem Engage FEE: How to get Bond Fragments, craft Rings?

Fire Emblem Engage FEE is the latest entry in the Fire Emblem game franchise, which is now available to play on Nintendo Switch.


Many familiar gameplay elements are still available with some new features. You will find a similar turn-based combat system with strengths and weaknesses of your units' weapons. One of the most important features of the game is the Bond Rings / Bond Fragments. In this guide, we’ll show you how they work.


To get Bond Fragments in FEE, you are going to have to complete the activities offered to you on the Somniel bulletin board. These proposed tasks are challenges to complete that will allow you to earn a good amount of Bond Fragments as a reward. The challenges are on the whole quite simple to complete since they consist of performing certain movements in combat, interacting with allies and vendors, doing activities in Somniel and other miscellaneous tasks.

What are Bond Fragments in FEE?


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Your character will receive Bond Fragments as a reward for certain activities. Bond Fragments are a currency that allows you to forge Bond Rings that improve your stats.


To use them, you will go to Somniel's Chamber of the Rings. Creating a Bond Ring costs 100 Bond Fragments.


You can also fuse Bond Ring together to give your units even more stats. To perform this operation, you will also need to use Bond Fragments.