Fire Emblem Engage FEE: how to recruit Jean Ann Jade Saphir?

In Fire Emblem Engage (FEE), there are four characters (Jean, Ann, Jade and Saphir) that you can optionally recruit for your team. In order to do this, you must go to the appropriate character as Alear for the "Talk" command to appear. In this guide, we’ll show you how to recruit these characters.


Jean - After completing Chapter 5, the side quest "Budding Talent" appears on the map, where you have to help Jean. Go with Alear to Jean and talk to him to recruit him.


Ann - After completing Chapter 6, the Mysterious Merchant side quest will appear on the map with Anna hiding in a chest. Open the appropriate chest and talk to her as Alear to recruit her.

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Jade -   In Chapter 9, A Clash of Forces. You can talk to her as Alear or Diamant to recruit her.


Saphir - In Chapter 19, The Kingless Castle. You can talk to her as Alear to recruit her