Forgotten Grotto Relics quest: how to complete? DragonFlight

In WoW Dragonflight, you will get many new quests and one of them is called "Forgotten Grotto Relics quest” In this guide, we’ll show you how complete it.


This quest is a world quest or "WQ" where you will have to get Titan Relics in order to fill a gauge 100%. The most difficult part in this quest is to find the location of the cave in which the quest is located. This quest takes place in Thaldrazsus. The cave location is near a Bronze Timekeeper just below Algeth'ar Academy /way 58.09 31.81.


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Once in the cave, you will have to collect Titan Relics, which can be of different shapes.


This quest is quite simple to complete, most of the monsters in the cave will fight against other monsters. While some will even be sleeping, all you have to do is not disturb their sleep and collect the relics lying next to them.