Fortnite 2023: how to unlock new Reality Augments?

Fortnite Update 23.20 is now live. Besides the cosmetic items, new gameplay and game features are available. The major addition to the BR for this year is the arrival of new Reality Augments!


There were a total of 22 possible Augments that your character could receive four bonuses during a game. These Augments remain active until the end of the game.


There are five new VR Augments coming with Patch 23.20:


Fortnite, 2023, Update 23.20, How To Unlock, New Reality Augments

Peely’s Plunder, Shotgun Striker, Rarity Check, Zero Chance and Danger Hero

How to unlock Reality Augments?


There is no trick to unlocking all Reality Augments. Only by playing and being lucky will get them. In total, there are 27 of them and you can find them in game by opening your map and going to the Augments tab. You will notice that there are 4 types of Reality Augments:


Combat, Game Turn, Mobility & Discovery and Looting


You can reroll them to try to get your favorite Augment or to try one that you have never used. Combine Reality Augments according to your desires and preferences to achieve Victory Royale! Other Augments will most certainly be added during the season and as the next seasons of Chapter 4 progress!